Xiamen XiaMin Diving Engineering Co., Ltd. formerly known as Shanghai Salvage Station Shanghai salvage station engineering team. The original engineering team contract divers set up a joint venture in Xiamen Xiamen Min Engineering Co., Ltd., and the Ministry of Construction and Shanghai Salvage Engineering Corps Fujian Office established cooperation and mutual assistance, complement each other and develop win-win good relations of cooperation. After more than ten years of hard work, it has become the largest and strongest diving operating agency in Fujian in terms of qualification, personnel and equipment.

Xiamen XiaMin Diving Engineering Co., Ltd. cooperates with Shanghai Salvage Bureau, Shenzhen Sugarcane Industrial Co., Ltd. and other related units through independent contracting, collaborative work and personnel transportation for many years to participate in a large number of large-scale and difficult projects such as shipwreck and rescue Assistance and assistance, underwater sealing, marine engineering and so on. Xiamen Xia Min, general manager of Diving Engineering Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhou Xiamin is also a senior expert on wreck rescue and rescue and underwater sealing, for many projects proposed for the project in the safety, economy, maneuverability, etc. All aspects have been well received, with the construction have achieved high quality and efficiency of the successful outcome. In addition, our company has a unique underwater sealant jointly developed with a military enterprise, which has excellent application effect in underwater sealing operation. With its excellent operation performance and excellent watertight performance after curing, Under the block project hit record success.

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